Ancient Secrets Panel 2022 - Conscious Life Expo
Ancient Secrets Panel 2022
Panel 2022
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Ancient Secrets Panel
Secrets of Megalithic Sites

Friday, February 4, 2022 - 8:00pm-10:00pm
$10.00 In Advance $15.00 At the Door

Secrets of Megalithic Sites

All around the world there are ancient sites built with enormous stones, strategically placed in circles and formations, some weighing millions of pounds.  Who are the ancients who built them and why? Some exhibit an understanding of the cosmos and astronomy. Some would have needed advanced precision instruments to create. Some are formed as gateways, could these lead to other dimensions? The ancients, whether human or extra-terrestrial, possessed hidden knowledge that we are only now beginning to discover!



Moderator: Jimmy Church host of ‘Fade to Black’ one of the highest rated paranormal radio shows on the internet, on KJCR and the UnX Network. The Game Changer Network, History Channel and A&E Networks and former fill-in host at Coast to Coast AM.




William Henry is an investigative mythologist, art historian and expert guide to ancient sites. A co-star and consulting producer of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel and host of two series on Gaia TV. Bringing to life to the ancient wisdom stories through art and historic texts, he teaches the secrets of the soul from the ancient cultures, and through time and space. William leads Sacred Adventure Travels to Ancient sites in Egypt and other countries.




Linda Moulton Howe is an Emmy Award-winning TV Producer, Author, News and YouTube Channel Reporter for She has devoted her documentary film, television, radio, writing and reporting career to productions on science, medicine, the environment and Earth mysteries. Linda’s weekly YouTube Channel broadcast has 200,000 subscribers. Linda is also a contributing reporter for Ancient Aliens on The History Channel.




Billy Carson is the founder and CEO of 4BiddenKnowledge Inc, and the Best-Selling Author of ‘The Compendium of The Emerald Tablets’ and ‘Woke Doesn't Mean Broke’. He is the founder and CEO of 4BiddenKnowledge TV, a new conscious streaming network, and an expert host on Deep Space, on Gaia TV. Mr. Carson earned the Certificate of Science at M.I.T. and has a certificate in Ancient Civilizations from Harvard University. Among his most notable achievements, Billy is the CEO of First-Class Space Agency based in Fort Lauderdale, FL.




Caroline Cory is an award-winning filmmaker, author of best-selling books on Consciousness Science and Energy Medicine. Throughout her life, Cory has had paranormal experiences, which led her to become deeply connected to existential topics, the study of Consciousness and the mechanics of the universe. She is a regular expert guest on TV shows such as The UnXplained and ‘Ancient Aliens’ Her latest film ‘A Tear in the Sky’ is an unprecedented scientific approach to the UFO phenomenon, due to be released in April 2022.




Adam Apollo has been a featured speaker at the White House, in summits at the United Nations, and at conferences globally. Cofounder of movement (over 100M people), and Superluminal Systems. Faculty and Chief Architect of the Resonance Academy, and the Guardian Alliance. Featured on GAIA TV, Coast to Coast AM, feature films and more.