Ancient Mystery: Secrets Revealed

Ancient Mystery: Secrets Revealed
Three-Hour Themed Segment
The evolutionary timeline of human habitation of Earth, Gaia, our home planet, extends beyond the historical record. By the time of the Sumerians, multiple developed civilizations had come and gone. Who were they? Where did they come from?
Jason Martell, William Henry, and Billy Carson
in one-hour presentations each

Hosted by Jimmy Church on Friday, February 19: 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm (PST)




Each speaker will speak independently for approximately one hour. 



Hosted by Jimmy Church.  Jimmy is a radio and television host for the Game Changer Network, Premiere and iHeartRADIO, and The History Channel. Along with hosting his live show, Fade to Black, Jimmy is also a guest-host on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and co-stars on History Channel's Hangar 1: The UFO Files and the time travel conspiracy show, Time Beings.  Jimmy will also interview Richard Dolan on Saturday, February 20: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm (PST) and hosting the UFOs: Future Contact theme segment on Sunday, February 21: 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm (PST).





Billy Carson:  Pyramid Secrets Decoded

Nothing has captured mankind's imagination like the Great Pyramid at Giza. Deep within the construct of pyramids all over the world are hidden messages, technology and the secrets of the cosmos. Billy Carson will take you on a journey around the world to discover and decode these hidden mysteries that were left behind for our current generation to unveil.   Billy will also be presenting a keynote on Saturday, February 20: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm PST.


Billy Carson is the founder of and the CEO of 4biddenknowledge TV. Billy Carson is the Best-Selling Author of “The Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets” and a new book entitled Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke. 

Billy Carson is also an expert host on the new original streaming series by Gaia named ‘Deep Space’ This series is an exploration of the “Secret Space Program” and the types of technologies being used along with their potential origins. Billy Carson is also an expert host on Gaia’s original series, ‘Ancient Civilizations’. A team of renowned scholars has come together to decipher the riddle of our origins and piece together our forgotten history found in monuments and texts across the world. Mr. Carson is also an expert host on many TV shows that air on the Travel Channel, History Channel, Science Channel and the Discovery Channel.

Billy Carson is the co-founder of the United Family of Anomaly Hunters (UFAH). Our mission is to provide enough evidence of past and present life on Earth, and other celestial bodies inside our own solar system, and of technologies being used along with their potential origins. We have pioneered two new fields of science. Archeo-Astronomy and Astro-anthropology. I feel that these will be actual college courses in the not-so-distant future.
Mr. Carson is also the CEO of First Class Space Agency based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Billy Carson’s space agency is involved in research and development of alternative propulsion systems and zero-point energy devices. Mr. Carson is also the Co-Owner of Pantheon Elite Records. Which is a conscious music record label. 

william-henry-websized-90822.1565595594.jpgWilliam Henry
 is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, art historian, and TV presenter. He is the leading expert on the spiritual implications of A.I. and is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension. The spiritual voice and Consulting Producer of the global hit History Channel program, Ancient Aliens”, and host of the Gaia TV series “Ascension Keepers,” “The Awakened Soul: The Lost Science of Ascension”, and “Arcanum”. Along with his wife, Clare, he leads luxury, ascension-themed tours to sacred sites including Egypt, France, Italy, Israel and England.  William will also be on the Science of Consciousness theme segment on Saturday, February 20: 8:15 am to 11:15 am (PST) and his keynote workshop on Sunday, February 21: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm (PST)



 Jason Martell is an entrepreneur and co-founder of numerous successful tech companies. He is also an acclaimed researcher and lecturer in ancient civilization technologies. For over 20 years these two realms of business and personal passion have served as pillars of Mr. Martell’s career — and while they are parallel to each other, they do have one thing in common: a desire to uncover knowledge and foster progress for humankind.