Alisha Merchant WS 2023 - Conscious Life Expo
Alicia Merchant
Free Workshop 2023
A Saturday Day Pass is required to attend this Free Workshop.
Alisha Merchant WS 2023
Group & Individual Healings
Saturday February 11th | 4:00pm-5:30pm | Room: Plaza 2

Group and Individual Healings

Using Higher Self Voice Techniques and an ability to see at higher energetic levels, Alisha Merchant taps into and clears mind, body, and soul, uncovering and undoing unwanted patterns that are no longer serving us. The process guides individuals to heal, clear, resolve, and balance this life. It facilitates the unfolding and rediscovery of all that we are. We start by neutralizing general issues. I then ask for volunteers to address their specific issues and patterns. As others heal and neutralize dysfunctional habits, everyone heals. This 90 minute session enables everyone to clear and transition into a new and elevated phase of life.

Alisha Merchant is both clairvoyant and clairaudient. She can see and hear voices whether they are in or out of body, in her presence or at a distance - and pulls in many of their vivid past lives to help them heal.