Alex The Comic 2023 - Conscious Life Expo
Alex The Funny Guy
Keynote Workshop 2023
A Saturday Day Pass is Required to Attend this Paid Workshop
Alex The Comic 2023
Laughing our Souls to Freedom
Saturday February 11th | 6:00pm - 7:30pm | Room: Plaza 1
$45.00 In Advance $55.00 At the Door

Loving & Laughing Our Souls To Freedom!

Buddha’s Underground Conscious Comedy For The Awakened Warriors! Alex will lead you down the Rabbit Hole of all the craziness we have experienced the last couple of years, through humor and insight! Expect to laugh your tension away while awakening to a greater spiritual awareness! Alex will share techniques to not only connect with your higher self but also to clear your energetic field of any non-beneficial energies (Which I’m sure we all have experienced a few over the past couple of years!) Alex will share his spirit guided vision for the New Earth, and how we can co-create our preferred reality and a smooth ride into the ascension together!



Often compared to JP Sears, Alex started doing stand-up comedy in 1997 as a way to process his highly traumatic childhood. (It was cheaper than therapy!) A little later in life, in his attempt to heal and overcome his inability to connect with women, he deep dove down the personal development rabbit hole and accidentally built a global following as a men’s dating coach. He founded the Infinite Man Summit which has inspired thousands of men to live fearlessly! He had his first spiritual awakening in 2009 and started the Woke.AS Podcast, where he interviews beings who are on the path of self-realization, self-love, and enlightenment. He is currently launching a platform designed to connect beings (and funding projects) that are dedicated to the liberation of humanity, and the building a better new world. This can be found at When we are truly BEING in alignment with our true nature, we can easily step into our highest timeline! Alex wants to say, “Thanks for being here! I am VERY excited about the GREAT AWAKENING that is unfolding! May All beings remember the truth of their nature.”