2022 Exhibitor List

The 2022 Conscious Life Expo is honored to welcome the following Exhibitors:

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81 Dr. Christian Von Lahr Clairvoyant Medium, Medical Intuitive International Ballroom
82 Caravan of Dreams Tarot, Dream Interpretation International Ballroom
83 Tude Girl Bioenergetic EMF Protection Interchangeable Jewelry International Ballroom
84 Lisa Ciardelli Clairvoyant Metaphysical Readings International Ballroom
85 Vibranz Self-Care Vibrational Self-Healing Tools International Ballroom
86 Reiki Healing Reiki Therapy International Ballroom
87 Team Light A Higher Frequency of Existence International Ballroom
88 Quantum Balance Crystals Energy Balancing Crystals International Ballroom
89 Bazaar Boutique Innovative Clothing, Jewelry & Candles International Ballroom
90 Delgado Protocol Medical Lifestyle Expert International Ballroom
91 Success Center, Inc. Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching International Ballroom
93 Adriana Mezgova Clairvoyant, Empathic Healer and Reader International Ballroom
94 The Happy Holistic Alchemize your DNA with Epigenetics International Ballroom
95 Nanina Ra Healing Arts Organic Bath Products International Ballroom
96 Millennium Products EMF Protection & Healing Tools International Ballroom
97 Crista Marie Miller Intuitive Voice Channeler International Ballroom
98 Zenergy Decor Crystals and Home Decor International Ballroom
100 His & Her Rocks Crystals, Carvings, Unique Items International Ballroom
103 The Way of the Hand Custom Leather Accessories International Ballroom
104 Kaleema John The Dharmachakra Wheel International Ballroom
106 Alignment of Light Activation of Thyself International Ballroom
150 Amalixir Living Elixirs for Health and Beauty International Ballroom
152 Starseed Squad Futuristic Fitness Fashion International Ballroom
153 Gemstone Therapy Institute Gemstone Therapy Aura Sprays International Ballroom
155 Susan Walter Art Connects to your Angels through Art International Ballroom
200 Namaslay Clothing Clothing Celebrating the Spirit of Radha International Ballroom
202 Gencel Wellness Ion Cell Cleansing Health Solutions International Ballroom
203 Chandika Ayurvedic Formulations International Ballroom
204 Susanne Wilson The Carefree Medium International Ballroom
250 Aura Imaging Aura Photography International Ballroom
253 Ravencroft Escentials Essential Oils International Ballroom
257 Suzanne Ross Sedona Ascension Retreats International Ballroom
300 Maureen Allan Readings by Master Channeler Maureen Allan International Ballroom
303 Sebastian Psychic Readings International Ballroom
304 Douglas Sutton Light Awakening Meditation International Ballroom
305 Into the Light Alternative Intentional "Feel-Good" Elixirs International Ballroom
306 Infinite Healing Arcturian Holographic Group Healing International Ballroom
351 Mystech Synthesis Biotechnology that Repairs Cellular Function International Ballroom
353 Crystal Tones Beautiful Singing Bowls International Ballroom
355 Parag's Reiki Hut Reiki Therapy and Courses International Ballroom
356 Maureen St. Germain Ascension Institute Mystery School International Ballroom
402 Buddha Maitreya Shambala Healing Tools Healing Tools, Sacred Geometry, Soul Therapy Music International Ballroom
403 Merit Mayati The Bringers of Dawn Institute International Ballroom
407 Relax Saunas The Most Advanced Far-Infrared Saunas International Ballroom
450 Comeunity Plug Promoting Conscious Artists & Fashion International Ballroom
451 Charmed Visions Wearable Vision Boards International Ballroom
452 European Psychic Lai Medium, Psychic, Past Lives, Pet Communication International Ballroom
453 Master Clarice Chan Tarot, Bazi, Numerology, Chinese Astrology International Ballroom
454 Lisa Barnett Akashic Records Wisdom & Healing International Ballroom
455 Linda Berger Akashic Records Business Coaching International Ballroom
457 Dr. Q. Moayad Indian Palm Leaf Readings International Ballroom
458 Stones of Transformation Crystals, Stones, Tarot Reading International Ballroom
459 Kala Imports Singing Bowls, Prayer Beads, Jewelry, Gifts International Ballroom
504 Love, Light & Vibe Raising your Vibration International Ballroom
505 Biotekt-USA Underground Green Homes International Ballroom
505 Wellness Within Where Energy Meets Medicine International Ballroom
506 Avalon Trading Sacred Tools for your Soul International Ballroom
507 Carbon 60 - Greska Carbon-60 International Ballroom
509 Mystic Earth Gems Healing Stones, Unique Custom Jewelry Grand Hallway
512 Oh's Trading Portable Massage Units Grand Hallway
513 Starfire Water Structured Alkaline Performance Water Grand Hallway
515 Building Beautiful Souls In-depth Information on Auras, Chakras, Crystals, & Dreams Grand Hallway
701 Alchemy63 Crystal Synergy Elixirs, Wearable Healing Pacific Ballroom
702 BK Crystals Crystals, Jewelry & More Pacific Ballroom
703 Gaia Tree Wholesome Ingredients make Delicious Food Pacific Ballroom
704 Sharon Sampsel Sharon Sampsel Pacific Ballroom
705 Gaby Ong   Pacific Ballroom
706 One Heart Awakening Soul Family Alchemy Sacred Ceremony Pacific Ballroom
707 Gorgeous Goddesswear Feel Like a Goddess Pacific Ballroom
733 Amazing Earth Crafting Herbal Beauty Products Pacific Ballroom
734 Indian Vedic Oracle Palm Reader, Numerology, Psychic, Past Life Pacific Ballroom
801 Tracee Dunblazier Spiritual Empath Pacific Ballroom
802 COVR Coalition of Visionary Resources Pacific Ballroom
803 Sanjay Khanna Rudranumerology Pacific Ballroom
804 Volcanic Origins Radiate Beauty from the Inside Out Pacific Ballroom
805 YOUniversal Healing Angelic Healer Pacific Ballroom
811 Roxana Leiva Healing Cristals Pacific Ballroom
831 The Soul Force The Spiritual Seeker's Guide to Self-Knowledge Pacific Ballroom
832 Renu Lal Henna Designs Pacific Ballroom
833 A. Benjamin Moore Kangen Water Pacific Ballroom
834 Academy for Future Science Keys of Enoch and New Realities TV Pacific Ballroom
841 Travis McHenry Author & Spiritual Occultist Pacific Ballroom
842 Zada Jewelry Empowering, Healing Jewelry Pacific Ballroom
843 Adreina Urdaneta Luminary Leaders Metaphysical Arts School Pacific Ballroom
844 Joseph Thornton Echelon Energetics Pacific Ballroom
845 Emerald Orgone Orgone Energy Devices Pacific Ballroom
851 Sugar Mountain All Things Sweet and Wonderful Pacific Ballroom
852 Gayle's Garden Gifts of Whimsy Pacific Ballroom
853 Hawthorne Organics Holistic & Natural Herbal Tinctures Pacific Ballroom
854 Tatiana Tierra Jewelry Pacific Ballroom
855 Raven Shamballa Master Energy Healer Pacific Ballroom
Lobby Douglas Taylor Art UFO-Inspired Original Artwork Hotel Lobby
M01 ChakraChai Aligning People & Planet, One Chakra at a Time Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M02 Jimmy Church Fade to Black Radio Host Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M09 Gail Thackray Reiki Teaching & Healing, Gems & Jewelry Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M10 Grand Master Qi Kung Fu Artist using Energy Healing to Help People Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M12 Creative Warrior Ventures Creative Transformational Healing Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M14 Keith Seland Humankind & the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M16 Happy Back Less Pain, More Happiness Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M20 CBD and MOR Healthy and Anti-Aging Products Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M22 Sacred Friends Sacred Geometry Pendants Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M26 Grand Master Gerhardt Magickal, Mystical Powers of Ancient Egypt Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M32 Theta Healing Readings and Healings Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M34 Risley Cline Psychic Medium, Reiki Master Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M36 Angela Atkinson Sentience Psychic Readings Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M40 Chakra Key Online Courses for Personal Development Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M41 Basic Purity Crystal Essential Oils, Energy Cleanses, Healing Kits Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M44 LifeWave Discover the Benefits of the X39 Patch Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M48 Shaman Spears Hand-crafted Energy Channeling Devices, Wands Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M49 HOLOS Amulets Love, Peace, and Unity Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M50 Kimberly Meredith Medical Intuitive who Channels Holy Spirit Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M65 Sirius Ascended Masters Ascended Masters Wisdom Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M67 California Witches Healing Energy and Wisdom Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M70 C60 Purple Power Carbon-60 Premium Products Mezzanine 2nd Floor
M76 Rehmannia Dean Thomas Superior Herbalist Mezzanine 2nd Floor