2020 Exhibitors List

The 2020 Conscious Life Expo welcomes these

Awesome Exhibitors!



Friday - 1pm to 9pm   *   Saturday 10am to 9pm   *   Sunday - 10am to 8pm








  Akashic Records       97    Akashic Records Readings   International Ballroom
  Alana Yama    T07      Plaza Lobby - Downstairs
  Alchemy63    P02    Crystal Synergy Elixirs, Wearable Healing   Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Alexa Person    511    Alchemist, Author, Lecturer, Experiencer   Grand Hallway
  Alimtox West    203      International Ballroom
  Amalixir          732      Pacific Ballroom
  Amare Global    P01    Mental Wellness   Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Ana Mercedez Rueda          822    Angel's Messages   Pacific Ballroom
  Angelic Healing Crystals    M11    Crystals, Stones & Salt Lamps   Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Annie's Art Lab    P03    Laser-cut Birth Charts    Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Apex Life    T14      Plaza Lobby - Downstairs
  Ascension One    152    Energy Healing, Asil Toksal Channeler   International Ballroom
  Aura Imaging    250    Aura Photos and Readings   International Ballroom
  Avalon Trading    501    Sacred Tools for your Soul   International Ballroom
  Avid Advice    200    The Persian Medium   International Ballroom
  Awaken the Infinite    506    Upgrade your Mind, Body, Spirit   International Ballroom
  Awakening Soul Force    T09    Intuitive Readings & Spiritual Guidance   Plaza Lobby - Downstairs
  Bali Isle    P33    Exotic Ethnic Artwear   Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Basic Purity    831   Healing Meditation Kits   Pacific Ballroom
  Bazaar Boutique            89    Innovative Clothing, Jewelry and Candles   International Ballroom
  Bella Skin Beauty    832      Pacific Ballroom
  Bernard Ilsley    350    The London Medium   International Ballroom
  Betty Mendoza          812    Astrology   Pacific Ballroom
  Book Signing Table M05      Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Brahma Kumaris M02      Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Buddha Maitreya    402    Healing Tools, Sacred Geometry, Soul Therapy      Music   International Ballroom
  California Cuisine  F2    Vegan Vegetarian Comfort Food   Pacific Ballroom
  Caravan of Dreams            82    Tarot, Dream Interpretation   International Ballroom
  Carbon-60, Greska          507    Carbon-60 Products   International Ballroom
  Carlos Caridad P904    Reiki Healing   Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Carolyn Coleridge            84    Psychic Intuitive Soul Readings/Healings   International Ballroom
  CBD and Mor    515      Grand Hallway
  CGVC Feng Shui World    455    Tarot, Bazi & Numerology Readings   International Ballroom
  Chandika    P16    Pranic Ayurvedic Formulations   Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Cheon Gong    M18      Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Clarity    102    Dice Game/Daily Meditation   International Ballroom
  Claymonics          153    Words Transformed into Sacred Geometry   International Ballroom
  Cosmic Healing Discs            93      International Ballroom
  Cosmic Wizard    M25      Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Creative Warrior Journeys    P13    A Healing Transformational Workshop Space   Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Crystal Tones    353    Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls   International Ballroom
  Crystalline Connection    P05    Channeled Readings    Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Crystalline Essence    352    Vibrational Repatterning Products & Tools    International Ballroom
  D.S.M.P.          302    Deep State Mapping Project   International Ballroom
  Dalia Greene          813    Healthy Lifestyle   Pacific Ballroom
  Dana Micucci    155    Soul Empowerment   International Ballroom
  Dari Rulai Temple    T05    Esoteric Buddhist Meditation and Healing   Plaza Lobby - Downstairs
  David Avocado Wolfe    256      International Ballroom
  Deborah King    400    LifeForce Energy Healing®   International Ballroom
  Delgado Protocol            90    Medical Lifestyle Expert   International Ballroom
  Dianne's Joy Center    801    Prophetic Advisor, Healing Heavenly Joy   Pacific Ballroom
  Disclosurefest          517      Grand Hallway
  Dorys Paredes          823    Amo Academy   Pacific Ballroom
  Douglas Taylor Art  M08    Visionary Artist   Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Dr. Christian Von Lahr            81    Clairvoyant Medium; Medical Intuitive   International Ballroom
  Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Foundation M06      Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Dr. Q. Moayad    457    Indian Palm Leaf Readings   International Ballroom
  Dr. Ravi Ratan    254      International Ballroom
  Dr. Susan Shumsky          733    Best-Selling Author & Adventure Cruise         Producer    Pacific Ballroom
  Drink La Vie  F3    Wellness in a Bottle   Pacific Ballroom
  Eagle Skyfire    T08      Plaza Lobby - Downstairs
  Eddie  Mosler P905    Art Healing   Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Empowered Whole Being Press    356    Providing Visionary Authors a New Avenue   International Ballroom
  Epoch Lasers    307      International Ballroom
  European Psychic Lai    452    Medium/Psychic, Past Lives, Pet Communication   International Ballroom
  Eva D'Avella    854      Pacific Ballroom
  Expand with Julius    450    Advanced Consciousness Teachings   International Ballroom
  Expressive Arts M01      Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Farm Fresh to You    841    Organic Produce Delivered Fresh from the Farm    Pacific Ballroom
  Food Alchemy Papua Coffee    F1    Best Coffee in the World   Pacific Ballroom
  Friendly Crytals    305      International Ballroom
  Future Science    834    Keys of Enoch and New Realities TV   Pacific Ballroom
  Gail Thackray    M10    Spiritual Journeys   Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Gayle's Garden    852    Everything Creative for your Garden   Pacific Ballroom
  Gorgeous Goddesswear    707    Feel like a Goddess!   Pacific Ballroom
  Grid Mind Science 453    Master the Matrix with 4D Consciousness   International Ballroom
  Grounded Heart    P24    Holistic Healing for Women   Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Happy Science P15    Spiritually Awakening Books   Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Healing Hands    T16    Quality Massage and Bodywork   Plaza Lobby - Downstairs
  Health n Beauty Connection    107    Whole Body Vibration Therapy   International Ballroom
  Healthyline    157    Far-infrared PEMF gemstone mats and products    International Ballroom
  Heart Light Creations 155    Inspired Artwork and Spiritual Insight   International Ballroom
  Hearts Center Community    306    Ascended Master Keys for Spiritual Growth   International Ballroom
  Heidy Caballero P902    Punto Cero   Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Helaine Harris Awakening Center    154    Business and Personal Life Coach   International Ballroom
  Hempworx    835      Pacific Ballroom
  High Chi Energy Jewelry    M23    Jewelry that Protects and Uplifts!   Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  HOLOS    M14    Love, Peace and Unity   Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  IANDS M07      Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Igor Galibov    106      International Ballroom
  Ihsan's Falafel  F5    Hot Falafel, Unique Slaws & Pickles   Pacific Ballroom
  iPyramids    505      International Ballroom
  Iridology    T02    Iridology, Herbal Cleansing, Detoxification,   Muscle Testing   Plaza Lobby - Downstairs
  Isha Foundation M04      Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  J.P. Trading    T13    Portable Massage Units   Plaza Lobby - Downstairs
  Jane's Inspiration    P22      Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Jimmy Church    M09      Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Judy Jewett    P28  Spiritual Medical Intuitive & Life Coach, Healer, Readings   Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Julissa Benitez          821    Aromaterapia   Pacific Ballroom
  Jyorei Spiritual Healing    T19    Purifying Energy for the Spirit    Plaza Lobby - Downstairs
  Kaciela Tru-Align          207    Tru-Align   International Ballroom
  Kala Imports    459    Singing Bowls, Jewelry, Crystal   International Ballroom
  Kathy Davidson    156    Divine Channel Crystal Grids Healer   International Ballroom
  Kimberly Meredith    M15    Medical Intuitive who Channels Holy Spirit   Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Lady Champion P31   Akashic Activation, Chakra Balance Activation   Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  LAF Hugs    NP1    Free Hugs and Positive Attitudes   Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Lake Tahoe Psychic P29    Psychic Readings   Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Lali Kakar          734    Palm Reader/Numerology/Psychic/Past Life   Pacific Ballroom
  Lemurian Crystal Magic  P18      Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Lemurian Fellowship    354    Ancient Lemurian Teachings   International Ballroom
  Leslie Anne            94    Psychic, Medium, Channel, Empath Healer   International Ballroom
  LifeWave    300    The Future of Stem Cell Technology   International Ballroom
  Litios    T11    Litios Light Crystals of the New Age   Plaza Lobby - Downstairs
  Live Pine            86      International Ballroom
  Los AngelesSkywatch.org M03      Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Magnetude          83    Bioenergetic EMF Protection Interchangeable   Jewelry   International Ballroom
  Maria Elena Fonseca P901    Theta Healing   Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Marlene Barrientos          825    Guatemalan Handicrafts   Pacific Ballroom
  Martha Diaz          824    Encuentros del Ser   Pacific Ballroom
  Maureen Allan    205    Master Channeler   International Ballroom
  Maureen St. Germain    252    Amplify your Mastery   International Ballroom
  Medica Health International    P21      Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Meg Benedicte    842      Pacific Ballroom
  Mieshiel Murray          155    Sacred Art   International Ballroom
  Millennium Products            96    EMF Protection   International Ballroom
  Mystech Synthesis    406    Biotechnology that Repairs Cellular Function    International Ballroom
  Mystic Earth Gems    509    Incredible Healing Stones; Unique Custom   Jewelry    Grand Hallway
  Mystic Heroine Art    T04    Art Gallery, Books, Clothing   Plaza Lobby - Downstairs
  Neoclassics    702    Unique Hand-Drawn Message-Driven Apparel   Pacific Ballroom
  Nesian Fusion  M19      Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  NoHiCBD    853      Pacific Ballroom
  OM Botanicals    M26    Best Natural Skin Care   Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  On Bright Wings    T01    Aging Death, Grief Support Services   Plaza Lobby - Downstairs
  Parag's Reiki Hut    355    Reiki Therapy and Courses   International Ballroom
  PhiSciences    253      International Ballroom
  Planet Dharma    P20      Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Protekt External Probiotics T03    Probiotic Topicals: Families/Pets/Home   Plaza Lobby - Downstairs
  Purium    150    CBD Gut Health Superfoods   International Ballroom
  Quantum Balance Crystals            88    Energy Balancing Crystals   International Ballroom
  Rachel Tribble Art          518      Grand Hallway Media
  Raven    P28      Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Ravencroft Escentuals    304    Essential Oils   International Ballroom
  Relax Saunas    407    The Most Advanced Far Infrared Saunas   International Ballroom
  Remember Your Mission    T06    Multidimensional Energy Healing Implant   Removal   Plaza Lobby - Downstairs
  Renu Lal    833      Pacific Ballroom
  Reverse Speech    404      International Ballroom
  Rick Thomas    844    The Prosperos   Pacific Ballroom
  Rockpool Publishing    703    Tarot & Unique Card Decks & Spiritual Books    Pacific Ballroom
  Ron Holman Group    103      International Ballroom
  Roxana Leiva          811    Healing Crystals   Pacific Ballroom
  Rustic Mountain Arts    851    Custom Organic Wood Furniture, Handcrafted   Gifts   Pacific Ballroom
  Sacred Friends    T15    Sacred Geometry Pendants, Miron Violet   Glassware   Plaza Lobby - Downstairs
  Sacred Land Travels    251    Sacred Journeys for the Soul   International Ballroom
  Samosa House  F6    Indian Vegetarian & Vegan Food   Pacific Ballroom
  Sarvani Designs    706    Crystals, Jewelry and More   Pacific Ballroom
  Sebastian    303    Psychic Readings   International Ballroom
  Seicho No Ie    700    Truth of Life   Pacific Ballroom
  Shakuntali    255    Siberian Priestess   International Ballroom
  Shaman Spears    701    Hand-crafted Energy Channeling Devices,   Wands    Pacific Ballroom
  Share International    104    The World Teacher is Here!   International Ballroom
  Sheikha Maryam    M27    Hand Beaded Shawls & Bags   Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Shingo Ryu          855      Pacific Ballroom
  Shiva    M17    Psychic Medium Intuitive Spiritual Readings   Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Silk Art Creations    M13    Hand-Painted Silk Art   Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Sirius Ascended Masters    105    Ascended Masters Wisdom   International Ballroom
  Sonja Grace    151    Author, Mystic, Healer, Spirit Traveler   International Ballroom
  Spiritualla-Tea    454      International Ballroom
  Spiritvisions          802      Pacific Ballroom
  Star Magic    405    Powerful Energy Healing Modality   International Ballroom
  Starfire Water    508    Structured Alkaline Performance Water   Grand Hallway
  Steve Allen Media    456    PR with a Conscience    International Ballroom
  Success Center, Inc.    206    Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching   International Ballroom
  Sunburst    805    Spiritual Retreat Center and Community   Pacific Ballroom
  Tammy Adams    504    Intuitive Life Coach and Healer   International Ballroom
  Tanya Mikaela    M12    Art of the Soul   Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Taopatch          516      Grand Hallway
  Tara Wenig            95      International Ballroom
  Team Light            87    A Higher Frequency of Existence   International Ballroom
  The Promise Revealed    204      International Ballroom
  The Twilight Brigade    500    Dannion Brinkley's Charity   International Ballroom
  Tracee Dunblazer    P17    21st Century Spiritual Tools   Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Tracey Ash    514    Egypt and Worldwide: Tours, Schools, Sessions   Grand Hallway
  Vibes UP    100    Healing Tools   International Ballroom
  Vibranz            85    Bio-Photonic Vibrational Self-Healing Tools    International Ballroom
  Volcanic Origins    803    Radiate Beauty from the Inside Out   Pacific Ballroom
  Watersmacker    P23    Drinking Water Enhancer / Super Food   Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Watkins Publications    351    Leading Publisher of Mind-Body-Spirit Books    International Ballroom
  Wellsong Energetics    403    Ancient Healing Arts & Cutting-edge Technology    International Ballroom
  Wildly Fermented  F4    Unique Slaws & Pickles   Pacific Ballroom
  Xane Daniel    P04      Plaza Ballroom - Downstairs
  Yadira Alapizco P903    Angeles de Luz   Mezzanine - 2nd Floor
  Zada Jewelry          814    Eco Conscious Jewelry and Accessories   Pacific Ballroom
  Zarathustra          502      International Ballroom