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Friday Day Pass Required

Friday, February 10       4:00pm – 6:00pm      Room: Bel Air


Post Film Discussion with
Elizabeth Gaylynn Baker, Director

Total Running Time 55 mins

We Know Not What We Do, is a tough but tender creative medley that presents both the voice of love and the voice of reason, as it sets out to examine the most important challenge of our time: man’s relationship to his environment. the film tells the story of this very misunderstood relationship and how it has caused destruction in both the biosphere and the biodiversity of planet Earth.

Not an expose, We Know Not What We Do travels the world to spotlight areas, both rural and urban, and people, interviewing some of the brightest minds alive today, to find out what exactly is being sacrificed because of our unbridled addiction for fossil fuels. The film explores our ideas of “weath,” and questions our misconceptions of expansion and economic growth. Can we cut back, cut down or even completely change our course for alternative sustainable energies without throwing our world into chaos? Can we shift our priorities? Is it possible for our species to become a tight knit community of human beings that can work together for survival? As many ignore this puzzle altogether, We Know Not What We Do urges that we face this challenge, solve the dilemma, or run the risk of extinction.

“This is such a critical time for our awareness of what we’re doing to our planet,” said Elizabeth Gaylynn Baker, “this film brings such an important education piece to the masses because it isn’t what can be done to save the oceans, rivers, forests and jungles, it’s what we as humans haven’t realized what we’ve done and how we can shift our behaviors and find solutions before we become extinct.”

Baker, who is represented by New Mexico based, Cinder Cone Media Worldwide, a conscious PR and Media marketing firm, is offering sponsorships of Ms. Baker’s tour and a portion of the proceeds from all sponsorships, film and book sales will be donated to non-profit organizations that protect the planet’s most valued resources such as the water at Standing Rock and more to be announced.

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