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2018 Conference


Sunday Day Pass Required

Sunday, February 11       2:00 pm  - 3:30 pm       Room: Los Angeles B

"The New Year holds so much promise and opportunity for you to fulfill your dreams.”

 Meet America’s best-loved and most trusted astrologer, Susan Miller, as she explains the  planetary cycles and aspects that will affect you, and all of us, in 2018.

Learn how to maximize your potential to create a great Year and develop strategies to cope with challenges by utilizing the ancient art of astrology.  In this riveting workshop, Susan elaborates on why you should pay attention to Mars, Venus and Mercury retrograde and when to plan your biggest initiatives for best success.

2018 promises to be a better year for most of us
 as Pluto & Uranus are gradually separating from their long dispute


All astrology signs will be addressed in a lively Q&A.  Join Susan Miller as she demonstrates her astrological gems in this interactive workshop that promises to be inspiring and illuminating.



Susan Miller is an internationally known astrologer,  a contributing editor to nine  magazines around the world, the author of “The Year Ahead” series plus the  best-selling Planets and Possiblitities.


Astrology Zone® is downloaded free by 16.5 million unique readers yearly and considered the most accurate of any astrological forecasts. Her widely popular app, “Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope,”  are available through Apple App Store and Google play. In 2017, she introduced a service on Amazon Echo’s digital assistant, Alexa, that will give users their daily horoscope free of charge. Follow Susan @astrologyzone.