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2018 Conference


Saturday Day Pass Required

Epigenetics, Healing and Musical Mindfulness

Saturday, February 10       12:00 pm - 1:30 pm       Room: Marina

Learn how to benefit from the latest breakthroughs combining mindful meditation music, brainwave entrainment, and epigenetics.

Discover  effective and enjoyable sound keys to support your innate intelligence, DNA and gene expression for optimal health and higher consciousness.  In this informative and entertaining free workshop, Steven will guide you into precise Deep Theta  brain states for chakra balancing, voice-activated OM zone...

...and the healing spaces between thoughts and  between the notes-

a ‘natural high!’.

 Also, Steven will present the public debut of  next-gen neuro-technology programs disguised as beautiful healing music, including “Sound Healing 432 Hz”, “ADHD Music” and “Om Zone 432 Hz”.



Steven Halpern is a Grammy nominated recording artist, producer, researcher, author and pioneering sound healer. A founding father of New Age music, his music radiates healing energies that have touched the lives of millions worldwide,  in healing centers, corporate wellness programs, schools and homes worldwide.