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2018 Conference

Sunday Day Pass Required

Activating Your Healing Force Field  

Sunday, February 11     10:00 am - 11:30 am     Room: Marina


Activating Your Healing Force Field

Your chronic pains, imbalances, and addictions can turn to diseases if you do not heal them! All conditions and injuries that do not heal are re-creating themselves through damaged electromagnetic circuitry.

Sifu will demonstrate the science of healing injuries and other conditions through using the deep forces and precise forms that will lock in the fields and elements you need.

In this workshop Sifu Matthew will show you how to:


  • Activate your core electromagnetic field
  • Understand how shape and form are the precursors to all chemical change.
  • Connect to the Earth element and manipulate it for healing stress and restoring minerals
Monday, Feb 12    8:00pm - 10:30 pm     Century D

Power Healing
Regenerate Your Elements

All conditions and afflictions are imbalances in your elements. Learn how to re-generate your elements. Take control of your elements and rebalance them to support healing, especially:

PTSD, addictions, CFS,Neuropathy, arthritis, joint pain, Autoimmune conditions, depression, anxiety, Adrenal fatigue, cysts, erectile dysfunction

In this intensive workshop, Sifu Matthew will both activate your energy and train you to understand your core magnetism and power.

During the seminar, Sifu Matthew will remove damaged mineral forms from your body and revitalize your elements.  


Sifu Matthew is a Kung Fu Master, world renowned healer, athletic performance expert and founder of The Martial Arts of Wellness (MAOW). He is a master of understanding the electromagnetic forces of the body in relation to strength, wellness, and performance.  He is known for his ability to regenerate body tissues, ligaments, and bones rapidly to activate the healing process.  He has worked with many thousands, including pro-athletes and Hollywood stars. Some of his groundbreaking work includes regenerating dogs’ hips, dissolving arthritis, and preventing numerous degenerative conditions from surgery.

Sifu Matthew currently runs wellness clinics in L.A, and provides specialized team programs and individual athlete mentorships world-wide.  He lectures and educates athletes, doctors, and executives on understanding the human potential for rapid healing. He runs advanced corporate wellness platforms as well as intensive Executive Warrior Training Camps across the country.

He carries black belts in Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and is an instructor of Wing Chun (Lau Wai) Bagua, Liangong, and Swimming Dragon as well as many other forms of Chi Gong.