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2018 Conference

Friday Day Pass Required

Sacred Geometry,
Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living


Friday, February 9        6:00 pm - 7:30 pm        Room: Los Angeles A

Spirit uses a finely tuned mathematical system of patterns of energetic vibration to create matter into form. In these modern times, we need to be especially vigilant of digital and high tech distractions; and prioritize the focus of our attention to the normal unfolding of creation.  In this workshop, I will present ways of looking at patterns and frequencies as they come to us from nature.  This will assist us in improving our health, our home and work environment. This way of Being in not only necessary, but essential to our happiness and survival.



Samuel Kiwasz is a teacher, entrepreneur and community synergist who has taught Sacred Geometry Workshops for nearly 20 years. Visit to learn more about this fascinating subject and see and his line of beautiful Sacred Geometry Mandala Pendants.  Samuel also has created an extensive email list called the SacredFriends Community and enjoys sharing information on a daily basis about uplifting teachers and events that help people to arrive at their next level of spiritual development.