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2018 Conference


Sunday Day Pass Required

Embracing Your Menstrual Cycle As A Spiritual Path

Sunday, February 11       8:00 pm -  9:30 pm       Room: Marina

What would happen if more women followed the guidance of their menstrual cycle as a trusted tool for spiritual growth?

Can it be possible that our wombs hold the key to feminine enlightenment?

In this time of social, and environmental uncertainty,  itís liberating to deeply trust and honor our internal rhythms as a spiritual practice while moving through immense collective transformation.

Embark with us on a womb-journey of primal creativity and discover the blueprint for feminine self-actualization in each fertile phase of your monthly cycle


Maga J. Ayala is a feminine leadership coach that activates highly-sensitive women to come alive in their desire, lead with confidence, and remember how to live in alignment with their menstrual cycles in order to birth their creative businesses into the world. As a sound and energy practitioner, Maga also magically weaves her voice work and energy healing into the women's circles she facilitates that guide women to reconnect to their bodies, voices and their unique feminine spirituality. She believes that all women are Radiant and strives to support them to shine in all she does.