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2018 Conference


Sunday Day Pass Required

The Intuition On Demand Technique

Sunday, February 11       2:00 pm - 3:30 pm       Room: Newport B

The Intuition On Demand Technique is a simple step-by-step formula developed empirically through psychobiology and metaphysics and has been demonstrated to work again and again for hundreds of people. In this workshop you will get an overview of the technique.

You’ll learn why each step in the technique helps you: make your intuition happen when you want, find out what your intuition is trying to tell you and trust your intuition to make powerful decisions. Get instant guidance to know what action to take. Improve your intuition to be connected, comforted and calm.



Lisa K. PhD, is a teacher, author and speaker on intuition. She has taught 'intuition development' ro hundreds of people around the world. Lisa holds degrees in Engineering from Columbia University and Psychobiology from the State University of NY as well as a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences. Learn more at