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2018 Conference

Sunday Day Pass Required

Teachings From the Holy Spirit
and Laying on of Hands

Sunday, February 11     12:00 pm - 1:30 pm     Room: Los Angeles B


Receiving the Miraculous Miracles

Monday, February 12       2:00 pm - 4:30 pm       Room: Century A


Teachings From the Holy Spirit and Laying on of Hands

Kimberly will channel teachings from the Holy Spirit and speak about how to live in a multi-dimensional world. You will learn spiritual tools on how we can empower ourselves against spiritual warfare by grounding ourselves and embracing God consciousness. Kimberly demonstrates her unique mediumship by identifying several participants chosen through the Holy Spirit using sound, hand gestures and sign language.

Kimberly will ignite the hands, and crown chakras, of all participants in the workshop, activating each person's DNA to help awaken their gifts. While the participants that were previously selected by Kimberly’s angels will be receiving healing, everyone will have a chance to help with laying-on of hands on workshop participants.

Kimberly’s angels will deliver a message to the group of who they want participants to lay hands on.This is a powerful activation. Many chants and prayers are encouraged around the reiki tables and all will be assisted by Kimberly and the Holy Spirit.

This event will also include the Healing Trilogy Guest Support Team.


Receiving the
Miraculous Miracles



Kimberly begins the event with a channeled introduction about her Near Death Experience (NDE). She then gives an in-depth channeling on living in the 3rd Dimension, while being healed in the 12th Dimension (God Consciousness). Kimberly will channel information about consciousness, the shifting of humanity, moving into 12D and eliminating spiritual warfare.



Kimberly demonstrates her unique mediumship by identifying several participants chosen through the Holy Spirit and the angelic realm using sound, hand gestures and sign language. This is relayed to Kimberly who will then be guided to do a medical intuitive scan, lay-on hands, or do a surgical hands-on healing. Next, all participants in the room will be guided to stand and join in the 12th Dimensional consciousness (a quantum field) of the Holy Spirit. with a channeled and guided meditation by Kimberly.

Kimberly Meredith honors Mother Mary. In closing, all participants will receive a ceremonial prayer with blessings, anointing oil and holy water. This will be a truly miraculous event.

Through surgical hands-on healing, channeling and or laying on of hands, Kimberly Meredith has healed and helped thousands of people.  Through the Holy Spirit she has dissolved tumors, restored hearing, healed cancer, corrected immobility and completely rid the body of disease.  Displaying phenomenal healing abilities, Kimberly has been selected by PsyTek Subtle Energy Laboratory and Research Facility to undergo ongoing tests to further understand the inner workings of her healing

 “Kimberly Meredith is being used for miracles right now. I had 4th stage liver cancer and I am a survivor of cancer because of the integrated approach by her and God.”

“Several people reported back that they thought you were absolutely “the real deal” and loved you!"

"I just wanted to let you know how truly grateful I am for the healing. The pain on the right side of my body has completely dissolved, as has the persistent soreness and swelling in my throat. I am sleeping deeply for the first time in many years.”

“It was amazing to watch you in action! Watching the woman’s Tumor vanish was beyond words. Thank you. Praise God.”