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2018 Conference


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Exclusive Report

Sunday, February 11         2:00 pm - 3:30 pm        Room: La Jolla

Two species of humanoid bodies were recently discovered in a mountain cave in the Nazca Region of Peru. The bodies appear mummified, the time of their death was set around 1718 years for one and around 1000 years for the second.

One of the species has some similarities with humans although possesses many different features, the second appears to be related to reptiles, three eggs were found in one of the bodies.

The DNA analysis so far has revealed that just 30% of the genomic library is human, and more than 50 % is not human or any other known species.

The bodies are not mummified but dehydrated and completely covered with Diatomaceous Earth.


Jaime Maussan and Gaia TV are conducting a full scientific investigation and the results are creating controversy around the world. However the physical evidence sustains that this is a historic find.Thus far, eight different bodies, six similar to reptiles and two similar to humans, have been found.

At this Special Event you will be able to consider the evidence

that thousands of years ago, humans were in contact with

extra-terrestrial civilizations.


Jaime Maussan is an award winning Investigative Reporter, TV Journalist and TV Producer from Mexico. He studied journalism at UNAM, University of Miami in Ohio. Since 1970 he has been reporting for major media outlets. Jaime is currently the Producer and Director of the popular TV program Tercer Milenio dedicated to professional investigation into space, the paranormal and UFO and extra-terrestrial research.