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2018 Conference


Sunday Day Pass Required

The Mystic & The Physicist Reveal

The Tao of Surprise

Your Undiscovered Key to Awakening

Sunday, February 11       6:00 pm - 7:30 pm         Room: Marina


William Arntz, physicist & creator of the ground-breaking film What the BLEEP do We Know!?, joins mystic Deirdre Hade in an evening of illuminating insight into the scientific and mystical awakening inherent in 'surprise.'


Ask yourself: “Have the past weeks, months, year been surprising?” We have truly entered a time when the unexpected can be expected to come crashing down at any moment, creating a sense of chaos.


Find the calm in the chaos in The Tao of Surprise with the Mystic & the Physicist. Learn the tools to channel greater intuition and wisdom and navigate the Age of Surprise with grace, humor and resilience.


Deirdre Hade, mystic visionary and creator of The Radiance Healing Journey, an energetic practice for transpersonal growth, and founder of The Foundation for Radiance non-profit.


William Arntz, director and producer of the film What the BLEEP do We Know!?, is a former research laser physicist and software engineer.