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2018 Conference


Saturday Day Pass Required

Oh, SHIFT! Purpose, Passion, & BEYOND

Saturday, February 10       8:00 pm -9:30 pm       Room: Newport B

Lead the purposeful, passionate life of your wildest dreams!

Live the power of SHIFT: • Make Informed Decisions & Act with Energy • Integrate These & Empower Yourself • Walk Your Life Path with Vibrancy • Pursue Your Journey While Still in Self-Discovery.

NOW transcend purpose & passion, and live pure POWER: • Do a Clearing Meditation • Experience Energy Transmission.

Be transformed. Leave in ECSTASY and BLISS!



David Hamilton Nichols is a transformational speaker, empowering intuitive, and master healer. He transmits the Universe’s most powerful information & energy to widespread events, media, and individuals. Presents life-changing hospital workshops! Empowering his clients and audiences, he facilitates personal and world transformation and healing.