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2018 Conference


Saturday Day Pass Required

Space Anomalies and the Anunnaki

Saturday, February 10       10:00 am -11:30 am       Room: Los Angeles B

Billy Carson will delve deep into the Enuma Elish and the Seven Tablets of Creation. These amazing tablets go into great detail about the creation of our solar system and the beginnings of life as we know it.

Billy Carson heads a team of anomaly hunters who tirelessly pour over millions of official photos from space agencies worldwide. They analyze every feature in these photos in the pursuit to uncover out of place artifacts strewn about the solar system. What has been found on Venus, Mars and from the ISS not only suggests the active presence of extraterrestrials, but the expansion of a human-based secret space program and breakaway civilizations.

Once known as the Anunnaki, these alien beings have influenced our species from the very depths of what it means to be human. He suggests that they still walk among us through institutions of finance and control. However, we have something that they will never have and once we learn to reclaim our power, they will no longer control our future.



Billy Carson is also an expert host on the new original streaming series by Gaia named 'Deep Space'. This series is an exploration of the "Secret Space Program" and the types of technologies being used along with their suggestive origins. Billy Carson is also the co-founder of the United Family Of Anomaly Hunters (UFAH) and Fort Terra Nova. This is an underground survival shelter system. Fort Terra Nova was featured on the History Channel.