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2018 Conference


Saturday Day Pass Required

Introduction to the Embodiment Process

Saturday, February 10       4:00 pm - 5:30 pm       Room: Newport B

To be able to embody self-compassion, to develop and cultivate a neutral witness from an embodied space, so that we are really comfortable living in the vehicles that we come in, which are these bodies, that is the goal.

As a facilitator of healing and awakening, Angelica’s mission is to empower each person as she affects a shift in consciousness. In this truly transformative workshop, Angelica will introduce you to her work, The Embodiment Process™, as means of accessing the highest level of intelligence and connection to yourself and your central nervous system. She will facilitate a group process that will help you access your connection to spiritual, emotional and physical health.


In the Introduction to The Embodiment Process™ workshop, you'll learn:

  • The difference between your ancestral patterns and trauma, and past life trauma
  • How to discharge and complete emotions that have been stuck in your body
  • How to work with difficult patterns that feel like blocks that keep you from moving forward
  • Ways to easily access your connection to Source to become grounded and centered



Angelica’s life-changing healing crisis began at the age of 28 and led her to a deep understanding of energy systems and trauma. This event awakened Angelica’s healing abilities to new levels and through her intuitive abilities is able to help her clients find their own connection to themselves — their gifts, true purpose and passion — with the courage to follow their unique path.

Her work was detailed as a feature article in "O, The Oprah Magazine;" she has been a frequent guest on the "Dare to Dream" Radio Talk Show, as well as "Mission Unstoppable" with Frankie Picasso, the "James Van Praagh" show, and "The Autoimmune Hour." Angelica’s work has been sourced for featured interviews in MindBodyGreen Magazine, OMTimes and The Whole Life Times. Angelica's website is: