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2018 Conference


Sunday Day Pass Required

The New Geometry for Ascension

Sunday, February 11       6:00 pm -  7:30 pm       Room: Newport B

Join Alexa Person, alchemist, experiencer and MILAB participant, for an introduction to a 'new geometry' that directly impacts the process of Ascension. Assisted by her Guide, Alexa downloads a spiritual technology that is intended to change how humans perceive Ascension and move toward it - individually and collectively. Explore this new technology as it was brought to life by one of the country’s leading geometers and learn how to maximize the benefits it offers.

This presentation focuses on a never-before-seen spiritual technology and the Human-Star Being relationship from the perspective of Alexa’s decades-long catalytic journey into spirit.



Alexa Person is an Alchemist of Light, experiencer, Texas-based author and professional lecturer. Born “awake” and activated with clairvoyant gifts, Alexa has spent her Earthly life in MILAB and additional programs.

Alexa holds a B.A. in Art History from SMU in Dallas, Texas. Connect Online: