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Eat the Divine Food and Drink the Sacred Elixirs at the 2018 Expo

SolTribe Cuisine
  Vegan, Vegetarian
and Gluten-Free Meals
Imlak’esh Organics
Sustainable superfoods
Nourishment with heaping sides of Love
Ishan’s Falafel
Amin’s Sudanese family recipe 
Organic, gluten-free
Raw Revelations
Drinkable Nutrients!
PhiKind Organics
Raw, organic chocolate truffles and chocolate bars…yummmm!!!
Samosa House
Gourmet Indian Vegan and Vegetarian Meals

High Vibrational Foods
Living vegan organic snacks, drinks, and treats with fermented ingredients
Acai Bowls
Frozen acai, topped with your
choice of fresh organic fruits
La Vie Organics
Wellness in a Bottle
Delicious organic drinks