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Saturday Day Pass Required

Psychedelic Therapy, Shamanic Healing

and Personal Transformation

Saturday, February 10      4:30pm - 6:30pm      Room: Plaza Ballroom

It’s a new era for therapeutic research
and clinical applications of the ancient “plant teachers”
  • Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy degree programs are offered at several universities
  • MDMA is being used for treating U.S. military veterans with PTSD
  • Ibogaine clinics are helping addicts turn their lives around and wean off drugs
  • Ayahuasca is transforming thousands of lives across the planet
  • Cannabis is being used to treat epilepsy and cancer as well as other conditions

At this time of global Awakening, and 50 years after Haight-Ashbury, the therapeutic research and applications of these entheogens and psychedelics is a global phenomenon.and part of our common social, spiritual and scientific revolution.

Join pioneering researcher Dennis McKenna, psychedelic culture historian Don Lattin, author of Changing Our Minds: Psychedelic Sacraments and the New Psychotherapy, and The Harvard Psychedelic Club, cannabis activist and expert Chris Conrad, author of The Newbie’s Guide to Cannabis and the Industry and Allan Badiner, editor of Zig Zag Zen: Buddhism and Psychedelics for this 2 hour, in-depth exploration of the revolution that began fifty years ago on the streets of San Francisco.

Our Panelists

Moderated by Michael Gosney based in San Francisco, California Michael Gosney is Managing Director of the Techné Verde ICT research project with the Buckminster Fuller Institute, Associate Publisher of Synergetic Press, and the co-founder of the Green Century Institute on sustainable communities. He is an event and media producer focussed on sustainability, intentional communities, festival culture, consciousness and evolutionary technologies.

As Associate Publisher of Synergetic Press, Michael Gosney worked closely with author Don Lattin on the new book Changing Our Minds: Psychedelic Sacraments and the New Psychotherapy  and produced symposium events in Santa Fe, New York and London in 2016 bringing together leaders in the ayahuasca movement for the launch of The Ayahuasca Reader. Gosney is also associated with California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco which is currently offering the world’s first certificate program in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy.

Dennis McKenna received his doctorate from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and is currently Assistant Professor in the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota. In addition to being CEO of Symbio Life Sciences (, he is a consultant to several companies doing research in plant medicine. He has conducted extensive ethnobotanical fieldwork in the Peruvian, Colombian, and Brazilian Amazon and has recently completed a four-year project investigating Amazonian ethno medicines as potential treatments for cognitive disorders in schizophrenia. Dr. McKenna completed post-doctoral fellowship research and has held the following professional position

Dr. McKenna is also author or co-author of several books and over 40 scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals. He is well respected among his peers and maintains a reputation as a pioneer among entheogen and plant medicine scholars.

Don Lattin is an award-winning author and journalist who over the past decade has researched and written three books about the history and future prospects of psychedelic exploration. That trilogy includes The Harvard Psychedelic Club — How Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Huston Smith and Andrew Weil Killed the Fifties and Ushered in a New Age in America, a national bestseller that was awarded the California Book Award, Silver Medal, for nonfiction. His new book, Changing Our Minds — Psychedelic Sacraments and the New Psychotherapy, explores an ongoing wave of scientific research and spiritual exploration into the beneficial uses of psychoactive plants and chemicals. At the end of the book, Don recounts his own journey to find an alternative treatment for depression, a trip that took him to a Mexican ibogaine clinic; an ayahuasca retreat in South American jungle; psychedelic sessions with two crusading ketamine doctors; and, last but not least, a cathartic encounter with an underground mushroom therapist on the California coast.

John Perkins learned the power of perception to change reality from shamans, UFO journeying, and as a corporate Chief Economist. His New York Times bestselling books Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, Shapeshifting and others are printed in 33 languages. He advises heads of state, CEOs, and keynotes at conferences and media events around the world. 

John is  a founder of The Pachamama Alliance, the non-profit organizations devoted to establishing a world that future generations will want to inherit. He has lectured at Harvard, Oxford, and more than 50 other universities around the world, and is the author of books on indigenous cultures and transformation.

He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CNN, CNBC, NPR, A&E, the History Channel, Time magazine, the New York Times, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Der Spiegel, and many other publications, as well as in numerous documentaries including The End Of Poverty, Zeitgeist Addendum, and Apology of an Economic Hit Man. He was awarded the Lennon Ono Grant for Peace in 2012, and the Rainforest Action Network Challenging Business As Usual Award in 2006.  

Allan Badiner is a contributing editor at Tricycle magazine, and the editor of the New Edition of Zig Zag Zen: Buddhism and Psychedelics (Synergetic Press).  Allan holds a masters degree from the College of Buddhist Studies in LA and serves on the boards of Rainforest Action Network, and Project CBD.


Chris Conrad is a well known author, consultant, public speaker, cannabis expert witness, museum curator and internationally respected authority on cannabis, industrial hemp, medical marijuana, cultivation, garden yields, processing, dosages, commercial intent, personal use and cannabis culture. He teaches at Oaksterdam University and the International Pharmacological Academy and has given numerous presentations for continuing legal education (CLE) and continuing medical education (CME) programs. He is the author of several books, including the recently published Newbie’s Guide to Cannabis and the Industry.

As an expert witness for many years, Chris has given testimony which has helped to shape California medical marijuana law. He founded the Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp, the Family Council on Drug Awareness and the American Hemp Council in 1989. He is author of Hemp: Lifeline to the Future (1993), Hemp for Health (1997), co-author of Shattered Lives: Portraits From America’s Drug War (1998) and Human Rights and the U.S. Drug War (2001), author of Nostradamus and the Attack on New York (2002), and Cannabis Yields and Dosage (2005, revised 2015). He also designed, edited and did extensive writing for Jack Herer’s book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes (1990).