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T19   Aaron Moulton   Inspired Artwork
511 Alexa Person Alchemist, Author, Lecturer, Experiencer
356   Alexander Bernhardt Publishing   Work in the Light of Truth
91 All One Wealth Socially Responsible Investment Managers
106   Amalixir   Holistic Care for the Family
P1   Amare Global   Mental Wellness
732 Anatomology Science-based Jewelry
M11   Angelic Healing Crystals   Crystals, Stones & Salt Lamps
97   Antoine the Light Portal   See Spirit Guides in Antoine's Face
P5 Arbonne Healthy Living Nutrition, Skin Care, Make-up and More
502   Ark Crystal   Advanced Resonance Kinetics Crystal Technology
T19   Artisan's Hall   Artists: Aaron Moulton and Lazaros
824 Ascended Master Teachings
703   Astrology by Jamie   Energetic Insights for Life Shifts
251   Atlas Evolution   One time treatment - Lasting Stability
250   Aura Imaging   Aura Photography
501   Avalon Trading   Sacred Tools for your Soul
458   Awake Women   Inner Journeys and Precious Wisdom
P15   Barry Helm   Intuitive Body Work and Metaphysical Healing
89   Bazaar Boutique   Innovative Clothing, Jewelry and Candles
P23   Beyond o2   Alkaline Water and Healthy Products
705   Bhavana   Crystals, Jewelry and More
450   Big Impact   Speak Your Path
204   Blue Star Retreats   Open Your Heart in Montana
P17   Bodhi Space   Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Healing Services
P29   Brahma Kumaris   World Spiritual University
833   Brett Jones - Awaken   Read the Awaken Book
402   Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Healing Tools   Healing Tools, Sacred Geometry, Soul Therapy Music
512   California Psychics   Psychic Phone Readings
84   Cancer Control Society   Alternative Therapies & Nutrition for Cancer
82   Caravan of Dreams   Tarot, Dream Interpretation
83   Carolyn Coleridge   Psychic Intuitive Soul Readings/Healings
451   CGVC Feng Shui World   Tarot, Bazi & Numerology Readings
454   Chakra Universe   Mind, Body& Soul Crystals, Healing, Intuition
252   Chi's Enterprise   Herbal Supplements, Fingernail and Tongue Analysis
P28   CLE Giftstore   Fun Items to take CLE with you
86   Conscious Living with the Angels   Conscious Living with the Angels
202   Creation Lightship   Light Infusion Healing Chamber
353   Crystal Tones   Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls
T8 Dagmar Bryant Medium Psychic and Mediumship Readings
T4 Dari Rulai Temple Esoteric Buddhist Meditation and Healing
200   David Hamilton Nichols   Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer
90   Delgado Protocol   Medical Lifestyle Expert
302 Diana Ralys Skin Health Reiki Infused Skincare Products
801   Dianne's Joy Center   Prophetic Messages of Powerful Prayer
M901   Divine Values School   Babaji Teachings
M24 Douglas Taylor Crystal Visions Creations
81   Dr. Christian Von Lahr   Clairvoyant Medium; Medical Intuitive
103 Dr. Sarah Larsen Miracle Network
Food 4   Drink La Vie   Wellness in a Bottle
105   Echelon Active   Active Wear
704   Empowered Whole Being Press   Providing Visionary Authors a New Avenue
400   Eric Pearl   The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself
452   European Psychic Lai   Medium/Psychic, Past Lives, Pet Communication
257   Expand with Julius   Advanced Consciousness Teachings
F1   Food Alchemy Papua Coffee   Best Coffee in the World
513   Fresh Picked Rainbows   Brilliant Natural Fiber Rainbows
835   Future Science   Keys of Enoch and New Realities TV
M10   Gail Thackray   Spiritual Journeys
255   Gemstone Therapy Aura Sprays
157   Get the Tea!   Teas and Supplements
T7 Glenn Bryant Medium Tarot, Psychic and Mediumship Readings
156   GnuPharma   Nutritional Targeting for Better Health
707   Gorgeous Goddesswear   Feel like a Goddess!
505   Gypsy Jenny   Gypsy Jenny's Fair Trade Clothing
357   Hanson Tse   Visionary Master Healer
155   Happy Science   Spiritually Awakening Books
152   Heal Your Microbiome!   Miracle New Anti-GMO Remedy
T16   Healing Hands   Quality Massage and Bodywork
351   Health Disclosure   How to be Well
107   Health n Beauty Connection   Whole Body Vibration Therapy
306   Hearts Center Community   Ascended Master Keys for Spiritual Growth
154   Helaine Harris Awakening Center   Business and Personal Life Coach
516   High Chi Energy Jewelry   Jewelry that Protects and Uplifts!
M902   Holistic Solutions   Holistic Seminars, Workshops and Therapies
M14   HOLOS   Love, Peace and Unity
834   Home at Last   Meditative, Enlightenment, Inner Energy
Food 2   Ihsan's Falafel   Hot Falafel, Unique Slaws & Pickles
P27   Imlak'esh Organics   Organic Superfoods and Nourishing Meals
457   Indian Palm Leaf Readings   Indian Palm Leaf Readings
734   Indian Vedic Oracle   Palm Reader/Numerology/Psychic/Past Life
702   Indigo Unveiled Jewelry   Transformative Little Things
305   Intuition on Demand   New Techniques for Intuition Development
455   Itty Bitty Publishing   Become a Published Author
T13   J.P. Trading   Portable Massage Units
T06   Jane's Inspiration   Author, Intuitive, Artist, Animal Communication
M903   Jieru   Female Energy Transformed into Art
831   John Salley   Athlete, Author, Master of Habit Change
459   Kala Imports   Singing Bowls, Jewelry, Crystal
P13   Katmandu Boutique   Unique Boutique - Spiritual Treasures
M15   Kimberly Meredith   Medical Intuitive who Channels Holy Spirit
95   Kymia Arts   Metallic, Mineral, Animal and Plant Essences
P30   LA Eco Village   Reinventing How We Live in the City
P32   LA Sky Watch
T19 Lazaros  Inspired Artwork
354   Lemurian Fellowship   Ancient Lemurian Teachings
94   Leslie Anne   Psychic, Medium, Channel, Empath Healer
802 Libre Glass Infusers Multi-purpose, Durable, Beautiful Portable Bottles
153   Life is Grand   Affirmation Jewelry
92 LifeWave Phototherapy Energy Medicine
102   Litios Light Crystals   Litios Light Crystals of the New Age
453   Macklin Ministries   Divine Intuitive Healing
207   Mas Sajady   Transformational Catalyst; Medihealing ®
Media Mear One Onsite Artist
150   Medicinal Foods   Superfood Chocolate, Mushrooms, Herbs and Greens
733   Meditation and Psychic Center   Meditation and Psychic Readings
96   Millennium Products   EMF Protection
85   Mind-Machine Interface   Controlling Machines with the Mind
T11   Moringa Light   Moringa Healthy and Anti-Aging Products
811   My Mat by Healing House   Portable PEMF Device for Self Healing
406   Mystech   Jewelry Charged with Earth's Natural Frequency
350   Mysterium Center   10X Your Energy Capacity
509   Mystic Earth Gems   Incredible Healing Stones; Unique Custom Jewelry
P14   Neuromuscular Therapy   Positional Muscle Spasm Release
M26   OM Botanicals   Best Natural Skin Care
701   Omra Kubby   Energetic Clearing and Intuitive Guidance
821   Orange County Healing Center   Healings, Card Readings, Merchandise
205   Orgonix Orgonite   Orgonite Jewelry and Sculptures
355   Parag's Reiki Hut   Reiki Therapy and Courses
80   PH Secrets   CBD Products
P26   Phi Kind Organics (Chocolates)   Raw Organic, Sugar-Free Chocolate
845   Places of Light   Treasure Hunt, Pure Light, Gifts
T02   Psychic Medium Sophia   Intuitive Spiritual Readings
403   Psychic Sisters   Top International Psychics
256   Quantum Balance Crystals   Energy Balancing Crystals
706   Rachel Kirkland and Peter Hansen   Angelic and Shamanic Psychic Readers
P16 Rare Therapies Crystal Bed Chakra Balancing
304   Ravenscroft Escentials   Essential Oils
506   Raw Revelations   Tonic Herbs and Superfood Mixes
P16 Rehmannia Dean Thomas Herbal Wisdom
M905   Reiki Energy Healing   John of God Bed
407   Relax Saunas   The Most Advanced Far Infrared Saunas
M09   River Moon Coffee   Coffee Roasting and Blending Artistry
T15   Sacred Friends   Sacred Geometry Pendants, Miron Violet Glassware
M904   Sacred Geometry Healing   Sacred Geometry Tools and Healing
253   Sacred Land Travels   Sacred Journeys for the Soul
T01   Sage of Stars   Astrology Readings - Dr. Craig Martin
Food 3   Samosa House   Indian Vegetarian & Vegan Food
352 Scalar Energy Healing Energy Healing
301   ScalarWave Lasers   Revolutionary Cold Laser Wellness Tool
P31   Sea Shepherd   Ocean Conservation
303   Sebastian   Psychic Readings
825   Sedona Orgone Vortex   Orgone Devices to Produce Positive Energy
P33   Seed Library of Los Angeles   David King's Seed Exchange
700   Seicho No Ie   Truth of Life
104   Share International   The World Teacher is Here!
M27   Sheikha Maryam   Hand Beaded Shawls & Bags
M17 Shiva Singing Bowls, Healing Bracelets
404   Sifu Matthew   Rapid Healings with Sifu Matthew
M13   Silk Art Creations   Hand-Painted Silk Art
P24   Simply Young   Youth from the Inside Out
88   Sirius Ascended Masters   Ascended Masters Wisdom
P25   Sol Tribe   Vegan Vegetarian Comfort Food
Food 1   SolTribe   Vegan Vegetarian Comfort Food
M19   Sonja Grace   Author of Spirit Traveler
735   Soul Streaming   Living Inside your Soul's Broadcast
804   Spiritual SuperMall   Orgone Crystal Pyramids, Pendants and More
405   Star Magic   Powerful Energy Healing Modality
508   Starfire Water   Structured Alkaline Performance Water
456   Steve Allen Media   PR with a Conscience
254   Subtle Energy Skills/Hemi-Sync   Jewelry, Energetic, Consultation and Hemi-Sync
805   Sunburst   Spiritual Retreat Center and Community
151   Tamra Oviatt   Transforming the Collective Consciousness
M12   Tanya Mikaela   Art of the Soul
87   Team Light   A Higher Frequency of Existence
832   Tek-Gnostics Media   Intelligence Engineering, Consciousness Hacking
206   Terry Brussel   Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching
93   The Angels of Atlantis   The Twelve Angels of Atlantis
T05   The Art of Spiritual Healing   Art, Crystal Bowls, Spiritual Healing
T09   The Knowledge Book   Universal Operational Ordinance - Intergalactic Constitution
203   Theraphi   Electromagnetic Wave Therapy
514   Tracey Ash   Egypt and Worldwide: Tours, Schools, Sessions
307   Transformational Healing   Empowering Individuals with Advanced Healing
300   Up Your Frequency   Energy Jewelry
100   VibesUP   Healing Tools
517   Vickie Gay   International Award-Winning Psychic Medium
803   Volcanic Origins   Radiate Beauty from the Inside Out
504   What the Fruits   Delicious Fresh Fruit and Acai Bowls
507   Wild Moon   Dressing the Goddess
98   Winter Wolf Press   Books Promoting Awareness and Empowerment
515   Zarathustra   5th Dimensional Quantum Healing




Tee Celise

Exhibit Hall Manager