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Saturday Day Pass Required

Saturday, February 8th       9:30am - 11:30am       Room: Plaza Panel Room

Learn about Animal Communication, Telepathy and Energy Healing for Yourself and Your Animal Companions

  • Discover the real and scientific evidence behind Animal Communication, Pet Psychics, and Animal Telepathy
  • Hear about developments in the field of Animal Communication and Telepathy and also Holistic Health and Healing for animals
  • Learn fun and easy ways to more effectively communicate with your animal companions
  • Receive guidance and insights about what and how the animals are teaching us and healing us as well as how we can best support and assist them
  • Plus LIVE Q&A with Panel Members

Lori Spagna is a best selling author, Visionary, Intuitive, Animal Communicator and Healer who leads powerful manifestation and healing circles and assists other awakening Lightworkers to tap into their true abilities via The Universal Source.  She also teaches about what animals are here to teach humans and activates dormant DNA in humans and animals. Visit:  Please visit Lori at booth #105


Asia Voight is an international animal communicator with 17 years of experience. She connects with animalís souls to resolve behavioral issues. Asia has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox TV, Coast-to-Coast and Hay House.

Sandy Rakowitz, Animal Communication and Wellness Coach guides and trains animal lovers and animal care professionals to develop their natural intuitive and psychic abilities, understand their animals viewpoints, learn holistic wellness methods and awaken their life purpose.

Dr. Sarah Larsen MD is a 3rd Generation Palm Reader, Medical Intuitive, Medium, Clairvoyant, Humanitarian and Transformational Speaker.  She received a degree as a Medical Doctor from the Medical University of the Americas.

Ann Marie Hoff is a highly successful intuitive empathic animal communicator, author, and motivational speaker who works with a wide variety of animals, guides, angels and people.

Armaiti May,has provided housecall services for pets in Los Angeles, offering Western medicine, Chinese herbs and acupuncture since 2007. Listen to her radio show at