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2018 Conference


Sunday Day Pass Required

Alien Technology: Abductions,

Implants, Cloning and Timelines

Sunday, February 11     3:00 pm - 4:00 pm      Room: Century A

     The Myth Breaker, Ron Amitron has an unparalleled understanding of Alien involvement with humans. Hear current Alien agenda which includes updates on the transforming of humans through genetic engineering, nanotechnology and cloning!  Alien technologies directly interfere with our thoughts, body and dream world. Throughout this highly informative lecture participants will be offered the CLS profound clearings/healings which release these Alien technologies. Could you have Alien spy cameras installed in your eyes? Ron will offer participants removal of them. The truth is Extraterrestrials create cloned human replicas of all of us! The Creation Lightship website offers us the solution to this unwanted state of affairs. *NOTE: Bring drinking water to be infused with Living Light Energy!


Ron Amitron, Spiritual Teacher/Master Healer, has an unparalleled understanding of Alien involvement with humans. Get the facts plus effective life-changing solutions! Home page link: Live weekly radio shows and archives. Experience samples of the onlineCLS clearings/healings from the monitor screens at the CLS Booth. CLS online interactive in-depth clearings and healings are available at