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2017 Conference


Unconditional Self Love Mastery & Qi Gong

Monday, February 13      8:00pm  - 10:30 pm       Room: Century D

     Finally cut through the confusion and learn how to practically love, value and be true to yourself now. Discover why suffering, depression, disease, financial struggle, and relationship problems are messages from your body, soul and subconscious to stop settling for crumbs of love, happiness or respect and to live authentically each day. Understand the root causes of fear, insecurity, self-doubt, guilt and shame, and walk away with clarity on how to transform your life, your health, and how to enjoy each day more fully. Practice deep qi gong to unlock the stuck energy, blood and emotion keeping you unhappy or unwell.


Blake D. Bauer is an internationally sought after teacher with an extensive background in psychology, alternative medicine, traditional healing, qi gong, and mindfulness meditation. His bestselling book You Were Not Born To Suffer has helped thousands of people who could not find effective long-term solutions from conventional medicine, psychiatry or religion.