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Opening Ceremony

Friday, February 10     5:30 pm - 7:00 pm    La Jolla Ballroom

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Achieving a delicate alchemical balance between the four primary elements- Air, Earth, Fire and Water- we can find another sweet spot for planetary healing and spiritual resonance. During this ceremony join with our esteemed guests and participate in the global generation of a powerful light, catalyze, radiate and offer healing for the Earth and all life on this Earth. Join us in bridging space time with the wisdom beings and letting our intergalactic friends know that we want to be a peaceful Planet and are ready to ascend into the intergalactic dimensions.

Intentioning World Peace

Coming together at this time we bring all our combined positive energy into focus. Join the shamans as we bring intention to heal the world.

Lynn Andrews

Barbara Marx Hubbard

John Perkins

Michiko Hayashi

Stability, order, beginnings, fertility, home, growth, life, sustaining, nurturing

Mind, intellect, reasoning, science, imagination, breath

Spirit, energy, light, power, force, combustion, purity, passion

Intuition, wisdom, clarity, depth, purity, rain, energy and flow.

During the Water Ceremony, we ask everyone in the room and watching around the world, to hold their water container and with a powerful synchronicity to crystallize our common intention of love and world peace. Take the bottle home, share it with your friends, put it on your altar.
Music will be create the ambiance with
Kitty Wells: Crystal Bowls
Jennifer Freedom: Chanting and Guitar,
Michael White Horse: Native American Flute.