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Longevity Secrets of Spices:

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Saturday, February 11       11:00 am - 12 noon       Room: Century A

     “Nothing in the plant world can rival the many medicinal properties of spices,” says anti-aging guru Dr. Nicholas Perricone. From ancient knowledge to leading edge science, learn how spices can affect your rate of aging. Take control over root causes of wrinkles, weight gain, low energy, aches, pains and memory loss using the effective, low cost power of spices. If you embrace food as medicine and all-natural means for rejuvenation, this session is for you!


Award-winning formulator, author and entrepreneur, Kitty Wells left Silicon Valley to follow her passion for botanical medicine and create Spice Pharm. She combines leading-edge science and ancient wisdom to create unique wellness products.  She travels the globe studying and speaking on the art and science of spices and plants.